I’m passionate about God, Christ, and life. In my personal and professional life, I seek to explore the many different dimensions of how God permeates all part of creation. I’ve been a pastor at Columbine since 1984. I started as the Associate Pastor for Youth and Christian Education. I mentored under Ken Biel who is now our Pastor Emeritus. As the church grew, so did my sense of call. In 1987 my call was changed to Associate for Congregational Nurture and Care. When Ken Biel retired in 1991 I was called, by an act of God, to be Senior Pastor of the Church. It has been my joy and challenge to serve with the other members of the staff and congregation.

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I went to Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington, where I majored in Literature. It was at Whitworth that I met my wife Phoebe. We were married the day after graduation. Phoebe and I migrated to San Francisco where I went to San Francisco Theological Seminary and she went to The Dominical College in San Rafael. Upon graduating we moved to Denver and Columbine. I earned my Doctor in Ministry in 1998. Phoebe and I have enjoyed raising our three kids in beautiful Colorado where we enjoy horses, dogs, running, cycling, and all things outdoors.