I’m the guy you see running around Columbine –  I like to be where the action is, and if I find things to be a bit boring or too quiet, I tend to make some noise and create some chaos. When it’s not a Sunday morning, you might encounter the more serious side of my personality organizing programs, planning events, doing some pastoral counseling, sitting beside a hospital bed, or a whole host of other hats that come with the job of pastor.

I came to Columbine and Colorado in July 2011.  I’ve served in churches all over the country – LITERALLY all over – Fort Wayne (IN), Tulsa (OK), Fresno (CA), and Chicago (IL).  I’ve served as a youth pastor, bible teacher, family life director, and now here as Associate Pastor.  For college, I attended Taylor University where I received a BA in Christian Ministries.  In Fresno, I completed an MA in Organizational Leadership at Fresno Pacific University.  In Chicago, I attended McCormick Theological Seminary where I received an MDiv.

In 1998, I met Sarah at Taylor University and started dating the sixth week in our Freshman year.  We married in 2001 and have had a ton of fun moving all over the country, and now have an amazing son, Case.  Sarah and I are “foodies” – we love food and new dining experiences.  We are addicted to Food Network and any other food show (i.e. Top Chef).  In addition to food, we love long walks on the beach but since there is no beach within a day’s drive here in Colorado, we settle for walking the plethora of beautiful paths all around Denver.