I grew up in a very strict evangelical, charismatic, sort  of wacko, Christian home.  We didn’t celebrate Halloween and my parents felt that the television shows my friends were watching were “satanic”.  I went to Oral Roberts University where I majored in music education.  After I graduated, I worked as a Music Director for charismatic non-denominational churches.  In 1996, I had an epiphany, of sorts, when I began to think maybe God is bigger than this confining “our way is the only path to God – if you don’t believe like us you’re going to hell” sort of thought.  I have wandered in the desert searching for a place that would take a heathen like me and urge me on in my quest for spirituality,  learning who God is and what God has for me and wants of me.  Here at Columbine, I am the lady who leads the singing.  I am grateful to have found a place where I’m able to use my gift and be who God made me.