Life Events

Let Us Walk with You on Your Journey

Everyone has times in life when something significant happens.  We experience the occasional, important, meaningful times when a special event occurs that affects or alters one’s life. CUC is proud to walk through these life events with you, through both celebration and grief.  Contact the church office at for more information regarding any of these life events.



baptismAt CUC, we celebrate baptisms for every age.  Since Baptism is a communal celebration, our denominations require that Baptism be reserved for members of CUC or other Christian churches.  When parents desire to have their child baptized, they meet with one of the pastors to discuss the meaning of Baptism and the significance of it for their life and community. When an adult desires Baptism, they are asked to join a new member class at CUC and will meet with a pastor to discuss the meaning and significance of Baptism in their life.  To schedule a Baptism call the church office, 303-798-1845.

New Member Classes

membership-classCUC schedules two new member classes each year, usually one in the spring and one in the fall.  We coordinate the dates with the pastors.  We maintain a list of prospective new members taken from attendance records and invite interested individuals to attend the scheduled class.  After the class, we coordinate a time to formally join the church.   We distribute the interests of each new member to all the committees at church so that they can be involved in our outreach.  If you are interested in joining CUC as a member, contact the church office at



Memorial Services