Discover what church can be

Your Questions. Unwavering Community. A Faith Unboxed!

In-Person Worship Instructions

Sunday Morning, May 1st

No need to RSVP for service anymore! Our attendance has been at a safe number for a while now. There will be an 8:30am traditional service and a 10:30am contemporary service. There will be Nursery & Sunday school for pre-K thru 5th at the 10:30am service.
There will also be Sunday Life Group from 9:40am-10:20am.

We have moved to "mask-optional" for worship, while our children's programs will remain "mask-required" for the time being. The right side of our sanctuary is a "mask-required" section, for those who wish to sit around other masked church goers.

Online Worship Instructions

Tune in on Sunday mornings to join our live stream, or any other time throughout the week to watch our worship services! Columbine United Church is up and running with our new live streaming equipment.  Please bear with us as we learn and “live into” our new equipment.  As our skills and knowledge increase, so will the look and feel of our live stream!  Thanks for supporting us and our new building!

You can view our online services on Facebook and YouTube.


At Columbine United Church you are invited to...

Reconnect with God

Discover a place of belonging

Continue to be who you are

Do you find yourself worrying…

  • Your faith deconstruction process will leave you without community? 

  • It’s been so long since you’ve been to a church that you won’t fit in? 

  • Christianity is only focused on sin and condemnation?

At Columbine United Church, we know what it’s like to need a safe space to unpack what you believe and find authentic community. As an inclusive church, we provide a space open to any faith background, race, sexuality or gender identity where you can ask hard questions, struggle with doubts and experience a reality where God is love.

Join us and experience a church where rules aren’t the way to love.

When you come to Columbine United Church you can expect...

A Quirky Congregation

Catholic, Methodist, Atheist, Jewish, Agnostic and everything in between are part of our community.

Doubts & Curiosities

We welcome all your doubts and curiosities and look forward to having important conversations.

Pastors Without All the Answers

We take the Bible seriously, not literally. Exploring perspectives together brings us all closer.

Columbine United Church is intentional about their words and feels like home for me and my family.


– Megan

Getting Started at Columbine

Explore Columbine

Checking out a church is intimidating. Feel free to listen to sermons and poke around our website before coming through our doors. If you want to talk to someone before visiting, reach out, we look forward to getting to know you.

Stop By

We meet on Sundays for a traditional service at 8:30am and a contemporary service at 10:30am. Our congregation is excited to shake your hand and get you a cup of coffee while you experience what church can be.

Establish Connections

Whenever you’re ready, dive into membership classes, small groups and more and begin to build authentic connections with others who are journeying on the same path of faith.

At Columbine United Church we have always felt that we were free to express our beliefs and hear sermons different from our beliefs to incite important conversations. Since coming to CUC we’ve learned that we have more in common with others than we would have ever imagined.


– Richard & Marie

What makes Columbine United Church so different?

At Columbine United Church we’ve been journeying with the doubters, outcasts and shamed for over 40 years. We know what it’s like to be told that God is a god of wrath, but all we continue to discover is a God of love. Bring all you’ve experienced with all of your questions. You are welcome as you are forever and always. We mean it.

Here we take the Bible seriously, not literally. Perhaps you come to us after years of only hearing about your sin and condemnation. Maybe you haven’t been within the walls of a church for over a decade and are afraid you won’t be accepted. Or perhaps you are burnt out on the religious rules and expectations and are looking for a place focused on acceptance and love.

Welcome to Columbine United Church… Isn’t it time to discover what church can be?