After connecting with us a few times, you may be ready to take the next step and join our church family. Columbine is an ever-growing community filled with people like yourself who have come to love this place. Joining Columbine United Church is very simple. We offer membership classes periodically throughout the year. These fun and lively conversations are perfect for meeting new friends, exploring the “in’s” and “out’s” of Columbine, and, most importantly, exploring how God is working in your life.

How Many Members Are There?
Many people love Columbine because, as they describe it, “it’s a nice small church.” Actually, Columbine is a very large church, among the top tier of denominational churches in the United States – we have approximately 1200 members. What makes Columbine feel like a small church is the sense of community that is intentionally built.

Can Anyone Be A Member At CUC?
At the core of our community is the belief that all people are God’s children. All are welcomed to the table regardless of their history, faith background, theological perspectives or sexual orientation. One of our core values is that we model God’s unconditional positive regard for all of God’s children. The only people who are not welcomed at Columbine are those who cannot welcome all people. Our arms stretch as far and wide as God’s. We want members who not only feel the same, but live the same in their hearts and lives.

Do I Need To Become A Member?
Many people, after visiting, wonder about joining Columbine United Church. Joining the church is a significant step because it states that you want to be an official part of this thriving community. Membership is a public statement that you are committed to expanding the ministry of Christ that is Columbine. Joining the church is as easy as attending the membership classes.

This Sounds Really Good, What’s The Catch?
With membership comes responsibility. Members are expected to live and model the teachings of Jesus Christ and God’s unconditional positive regard for all people. Members are expected to attend worship, support the church financially, and volunteer in the different areas of need and concern. We expect our members to grow and mature in their faith through attending Adult Education groups. We expect our members to love God, love life, and to feel passionate about God’s call and vision for their lives. We want you to be a member so that you can take your faith out into the world. Membership at Columbine is really lived when you leave the building on Sunday mornings. Members love coming to Columbine United Church for what happens on Sunday mornings, but also how it inspires them to live their faith during the week.

I’m Ready. How Do I Sign Up?
If you would like to be a part of a new member class, call the church office at 303-798-1845. Our church staff will add you to a list for our membership team to contact when the next membership class is scheduled. Classes are typically held twice a year – one in the Spring and one in the Fall.