I believe there are two types of people in this world… the ones who set up Christmas decorations and listen to carols beginning November 1st and those who wait until after Thanksgiving to begin celebrating Christmas. I must confess that I am the type who waits until the day after Thanksgiving to begin Christmas decorating and celebrating. But, I am very curious why others start the celebration early. I think it comes down to what Christmas represents for people: hope, cheer, love, giving, and family. We all are constantly looking for these things and Christmas seems to epitomize these very ideals.

Each Sunday of Advent, several of the kids from CUC will present their pageant for this year. We rehearsed and recorded all on Zoom—what an experience! In the show, the detectives of Z.P.I. are commissioned by Angel and Ray to find the true meaning of Christmas. Each week the detectives find one clue to help them discover what it is all about.

We are all on the journey looking and searching for the true meaning of Christmas this year, especially when many of our traditions are being flipped upside down. When we zoom out (no pun intended), I believe we are really searching for the meaning of a life well lived. How do we find out? I hope you join us in the search for the meaning of Christmas and life this year.