Do you have a small project that needs to be done? Do you need help finishing your quarantine to-do list? Our youth are here to help!

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It is that time of year, where you have the opportunity to have a student come help you with a task that has been waiting to be done! Please fill out the form above to the best of your abilities and you will be matched with a student who has that skill set.

All proceeds will be collected after the student has completed the task and go towards their mission trip! Tasks will be done on April 11 or that week depending on requests.

Be sure to reserve your spot, by emailing our Youth Director, Samantha, at

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  • Sherry Weinstein says:

    I need help with garden and yard work. My wildflower border needs work. I will work along side them to help then tell a weed from a wildflower! I can’t get up and down easily, but I will supervise. We have various garden tools. The only thing they need is sturdy gloves. I’m looking forward to meeting one of the CUC youth and working with them!

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