I love this photo of my dogs, and, of course, everyone knows how much I love my dogs Indy and Annie! Named after two fictional characters (Indiana Jones and Anakin Skywalker), these two are rife with personality. When I get home from the office, Annie jumps and squeals with delight while Indy waits patiently on the couch wagging his big tail. Annie eats all of her food so fast we have to remind her to slow down while Indy is so picky we have to really convince him with the occasional scrambled egg to eat. 

These two teach me constantly about love. Annie teaches me a lot about patience when she is so excited about going on a walk she can’t sit still. Indy teaches me how to care for others when he cuddles up beside me after a rough day. In all these small moments, these two creatures show me what love really is and who God really is. God is a moment of intentional care, excited to see me, patiently waiting for me to acknowledge love eternal. 

Now that I have gushed about my dogs, my question for you is who or what leads you to deeper love? For me I think of my husband, Luke, my dogs, and my family. What actions or words of love mean most to you? Maybe it’s a cuddle or a kind word. Finally, how do you then extend that love into the world?