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Samantha’s United | June 2021

By June 30, 2021No Comments

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL IS ALMOST HERE! You have waited for over 2 years to have a VBS again, and let me tell you, it will be awesome! Our theme is Olympics 2021, which means that I have been researching past and present Olympians for the past few months.

Just about each one of their stories is incredible. I cannot believe how hard all of these people work to get where they are going. The crazy thing is, I went to highschool with 2 of the Olympians competing this year. The first is Natalie Hinds who will be swimming. We all knew she was an incredible swimmer, but now she is in the Olympics! I believe she graduated 1 year before me. The second person is Bryce Hoppell, I played basketball (briefly) with his sister. He will be running track for the USA. 

How is it that 2 people from Midland High School in Midland, TX are in the Olympics? The big thing that tells me is that no matter where you come from God does incredible things with our lives. Perhaps they are not writing about how I am a Children’s and Youth Director at an amazing church in Colorado, but I think it’s amazing! 

Had you asked me in college if I would have an amazing job working with amazing kids, students, and adults, I would have had no idea. Many of you reading have had more time on earth to know that our journeys can be surprising, awe-inspiring, and miraculous in their own and often small ways. What miraculous things have happened in your life? How is it unexpected? Reflect and express the joy over the many small and amazing things that happen each day. Praise be to God.