Samantha’s United | September ’21

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When we talked about stories of hope in staff meetings, I thought about how we have had visitors come to our church at the Audubon Center in the past couple of months. Can you believe that? They have found out about CUC and were so interested, that they found us in a park! One of those families, the Motls, has become good friends with Natalie’s family and mine. Ryan and Mattie Motl moved to Denver from Arkansas recently with their six-month-old daughter, Miriam. Mattie is working on her Masters of Divinity at Denver Seminary and Ryan is currently working in admissions there, but his passion is film. They have been so fun to get to know. One of the reasons I find their story hopeful, is it shows what we have planned for CUC, and especially the Children’s Ministry, is drawing more young families like the Motls to our church.

I asked Mattie and Ryan a couple of questions and I want to share their responses with you:

Me: Why did CUC appeal to you as a young family?

Mattie: The first Sunday we visited, almost everyone immediately made us feel welcome. People came and talked to us, wanted to get to know us, and brought us into their community. Every other church we visited, we slipped through the cracks. This never happened at Columbine.

Me: What values do you have for your daughter, Miriam?

Mattie: We want Miriam to develop a strong sense of empathy, kindness, and compassion. We believe if she embodies those three values, we will have succeeded as parents. These are values we see among the leadership of CUC, and we trust the people of this church to foster those.

Me: Finally, how do you see CUC fitting in with your values?

Mattie: CUC is a congregation that revolves around God’s unending, unconditional love. When a church and her people have such a firm grasp on God’s character, all of the other virtues follow.

This should be encouraging to us all in the middle of discouraging times: we are following our values, and others can see that clearly! We have the opportunity to continue to engage with more people and young families in our community looking for a place that shares their values!