Samantha’s United | March 2021

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Easter egg hunting was always my favorite activity. How weird that a bunny lays colorful eggs full of candy (or coins if you were lucky) in our yards? But, of course, I happily accept that reality as long as Reese’s are involved.

My most memorable Easter was in Texas when, out of nowhere we got a snowstorm. My 8-year-old self had never seen so much snow before! My younger brother and I insisted that the bunny should be there any moment. My mom bundled us up in the random winter weather clothes we never used. Then, we went outside and on the glistening snow were brightly colored eggs. My parents explained that it was far too cold for the bunny to hide the eggs in difficult places. I thought this was kind since we were not used to such weather. To this day, I have not had a White Christmas, but I have had a picturesque White Easter. (To all of you Coloradans this may be typical, but it was a Texan’s first!)

The traditions around Easter remind us of joy. They remind us of the little things: candy, flowers, and cute baby animals. Easter reminds us that Spring is still coming! Sure, there may be snow, but the flowers, trees, and grass will be green before you know it. Easter reminds us of sweet smelling rain showers and the joy that summer brings. Of course, most of all, Easter reminds us of living a life of resurrection. The old things are gone and the new have come. We find new life, new purpose, and a renewed sense of hope. 

It has been over a year since we first quarantined from the pandemic. In that year we have seen many injustices to people of color, the loss of loved ones, political unrest across the nation, and violence near and far. This Easter we are reminded that we move from darkness into light. We move from despair into singing praises and hope. Easter demonstrates to us that we live in the “already and not yet” of a resurrected life. We find freedom and liberation in God, and God spurs us on to continue the work of liberation and hope for others. 

Take time to register the hope and excitement of the little ones in your family and our church family this Easter. Let them be a constant reminder of the hope and excitement the future holds for each of us.