A New Year for Reflection

Wow! It is the end of the year. I have now been with all of you for about a year and a half. Many of us have met and gotten to know each other well. Many of us are getting to know each other. This year (and the one before it) has felt like a roller coaster. There have been ups and downs and all around. So, what does it look like to head into the year 2022? 

In college, my major was Child and Family Studies with an emphasis on Child Development and Family Systems. One class I took on family systems offered this idea for parents: 

  • As a family, take all the things that your family does like soccer, baseball, skiing, art classes, reading, school, church activities, and write them down.
  • After you have written them down, think about and write down 4-5 goals you have for yourself and your family. Maybe your goal is to have strong, independent children, or to create quality time with your family through special events. Maybe a goal is to have strong spiritual formation or strengthen your child’s social-emotional skills. Write these goals down too! 
  • Now, sort your activities and plans under your goals (having fun is a great goal too!). 
  • If there are things that do not serve any of the hopes or goals for your child or family, maybe it is time to consider letting them go. 
  • By all means, they do not have to be let go and you may find that you need to consider adding something in! 

Here is an example of me doing this for myself: 

I hope that this can be a helpful tool you can adapt for your family to have time to assess as a family what is important for you!