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Samantha’s United | February ’21

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One of my favorite artists is Selena Gomez. She is truly inspirational with her positive uplifting music, her faith in God, and her amazing journey. When we talked about the theme of Lent being Rise Up, I immediately thought of her song Rise:

“Like the air you can
Rise from the rubble with your mind, you can hover
You can rise like the tide, like the heat it in the summer
Yes, I know there are those who will wanna bring you down
But you can rise with your mind and make your higher power proud
You can rise, like the air you can rise
Like the air you can rise”

Like in the song, sometimes you feel like you are knocked down, but you CAN rise. One thing she leaves out of this is that you do not have to rely only on yourself to be able to Rise Up.

I constantly remind the youth and children that they do not have to make this journey alone. We all have family, friends, and, of course, the community of CUC. We also worship a God who is God with us. Lent is the time of year that we remember that God is with Us because Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago and demonstrated this reality. Jesus is the epitome of Rise Up and that we are not alone in this journey.