If I could describe what it takes to be the Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries during COVID and in construction, it would be just one word: adaptability. My personality is one that likes to have every plan in place months before… but that has been thrown out the window this past year. What have I learned from this? You find joy wherever you are.

For example, last week the Middle schoolers and a few brave leaders and I took a trip to the Great Sand Dunes as a way of kicking off our Hometown Mission Trip. When we got there, an impending storm was headed our way. So we walked to the top of a sandy dune and attempted sledding down the sand! We ran back to the cars when we saw a flash of lightning. The kids piled in the car full of sand and laughter, we proceeded to do our journaling for the day AND the kids cut out paper for our VBS crafts next week. We even had our picnic dinner under the shades of our lifted trunks. Finally, the rain and lightning were further away, so we ran back into the sand. The kids made up games and drew in the sand, while we leaders watched the next storm rolling in. Finally, we called it a night after we all marveled at the beauty of so many different forces of nature converging in all one place.

We could have sat there and complained that our plans didn’t work out and we would have been miserable. Instead, we allowed a moment to grieve the loss of our plans, and then we had the time of our lives! I think that is what adaptability really means… and our children and youth demonstrate that better than anyone else!