Message from CUC Youth Leader – Jaxynn Simons
I joined the CUC youth group in 6th grade during a time when I wasn’t even sure I understood religion or what it was supposed to mean. I was in that phase of “but science and religion don’t make sense together”. I didn’t know what my faith was, and I was transitioning into middle school – a scary time all around. Youth group taught me that faith is just trusting forces outside of yourself. It’s like a trust fall without knowing who you’re falling into but knowing they’ll catch you. But this took me the last seven years to learn. Over those seven years, youth group provided me a sanctuary to explore, question, learn, and develop. I felt safe in a community that I could call my own outside of school and family.
Now, as a leader, I get to provide that space for others. I get to see kids explore, question, learn, and develop on their own and help them on their spiritual journeys. I get to continue learning – learning how to be a leader, how to be a role model, how to be a teacher and guide. I’ve always felt that if I can make a difference in just one kid’s life, then I will have fulfilled mine. Being a leader in our youth group gives me that opportunity to make a difference and I am so thankful and blessed that I get to spend time with these amazing young adults.