Affirming Potential: This life changing class evaluates the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual areas of your life; building on the foundation that God has created us with intrinsic worth and unique potential. It’s personal and specific for each participant as you use the AP Dream Tool to set and achieve goals and steps to live out your God-given potential.


(West Bowles on Wednesday evenings and South Fellowship on Thursday evenings)

Faith & Finances:

Do you know God’s purpose for your money? Come discover it with us!

This course is designed for people who: 

~ Are just starting to manage money well. ~ Don’t have a lot of extra money to spare. ~ Desire to overcome financial obstacles. ~ Want to save more and pay off debt.

Faith & Finances ONLY offered at South Fellowship on Thursday evenings

Developing a Daily Relationship with God:  

This thoughtful & insightful course will create a growing curiosity and hunger for a Daily relationship with God. You will find this to be the surest and most reliable way to make any day better and any life more fulfilling.

Daily Walk ONLY offered

at South Fellowship on Thursday evenings