Finance Committee Update

By April 27, 2022No Comments

Hello from Ruthann Moomy, Chair of your Finance Committee. I am writing today about the Annual Operating Budget. I want to clarify the distinction between the operating budget and the renovation budget.

A lot of communication regarding CUC’s finances has focused on the renovation. To fund the renovation, CUC ran a “capital campaign”, to which many, many loyal members pledged. Thank you very much. Let us leave that topic for another day.

The Annual Operating Budget is proposed by the Finance Committee, and then by the Council, and ultimately voted on (adopted) by the Congregation at the Annual Meeting in May. The CUC fiscal year is from May 1 to April 30, so the Annual Meeting is approaching soon.

To establish an estimate of Revenue for the Operating Budget, CUC conducts the Stewardship campaign annually – last year the campaign was a little delayed due to construction. When you submit your pledge card, that amount goes toward the Operating Budget. What do you receive in return?

Last year, 75% of the budget was spent on Pastor and Staff salaries (including health & welfare, and payroll tax). CUC operates with only SIX paid employees: Pastor Steve, Pastor Jill, Samantha for Children & Youth, Joseph as Music Director, Tag as IT and Facilities Manager, and Natalie as Admin/Communications Manager. Do you attend worship service? Do your children attend Sunday School? Or Nursery? Have you ever called a pastor for help? If so, you know what you are paying for. If you have had no need to call a pastor for help, count yourself blessed and contribute to show your gratitude.

The remaining 25% of the budget goes toward paying for all the essential, and rather dull, needs: keeping the lights on, HVAC, insurance, postage, building maintenance, water and sewer, …. If you own a home, you get the idea.

The Proposed Budget you will see for the Annual Meeting is as “bare bones” as we could design (for example, no staff raises). There is nothing more we can cut. Please step up with your pledge for the Operating Budget!