Financial Update

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From the Treasurer,

Greetings from the Finance Office!

Several people have approached me asking to provide information on how much the church spends in utilities each month. Utilities is one of our larger operating budget items. Below you will find a breakdown of who we pay and how much we pay each month.

Electrical and Gas (Xcel and WoodRiver Energy)                 – $1,637

Internet/Phones (Comcast, AT&T)                                         – $1,000

Water                                                                                      – $ 184

Total average utility spending since returning to church =    – $2,821

Gas prices have been rising and will continue to do so, throughout the winter, which has increased gas significantly since we left the building for Covid and the renovation. Electrical cost is down due to our new LED lighting, which uses less energy to run. We are consistently running utility expenses below our budgeted amount for this current fiscal year, which of course, keeps our overall expenses lower than expected.

Our revenue in January came in at $35,000, which was $22,000 below what was budgeted for the month. We were faced with two very low attendance for the holidays, during this time, which significantly impacted our progress in giving.

As we prepare for our 2022-2023 fiscal budget, I will continue to run through our expenses by category, to bring our church budget into focus for our community to better understand our spending needs.

As always, we are so grateful for your faithfulness in giving. We are blessed to have your commitment and community. Thanks to all of you.


Terri Townsend