From the Treasurer…

Another opportunity to thank Dwight Rudolph for his faithful and vital service to our church, in many different areas, but especially his role in guiding our finances. With Dwight resigning his position in finance, due to his health, the church has entered a transitionary period in our finance restructuring.

The Staff Parish Relationship Committee is currently seeking a part time accountant for our Finance Team, here at CUC. This will be about a 15 hour a week position, that will take over many of the routine tasks Dwight had been doing for us. That process is moving along with interviews, and we look forward to having someone on board in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, Ruthann Moomy, Chair of the Finance Committee, and I are splitting Dwight’s duties between us to ensure that our bills continue to be paid timely, accounts reconciled and the myriad of other duties that must be done to make sure the church stays fiscally responsible. We will update the structure of who does what, as we move into the future, creating opportunity for separation of duties.

Each year the council must appoint a finance secretary to record all giving transactions, ensuring your privacy in that area. We are delighted to tell you that our current financial secretary of many years, Linda Tafoya, will continue her work in this arena. Thank you, Linda!

On the revenue front, our giving continues its current decline, in what we would normally call the summer slump. I’ve renamed it to The Slump to throw in summer, COVID, building, ETC.! We are most definitely feeling the effects of not being able to gather in our building and look forward (along with everyone else!) to getting back in our “new” building and enjoying worship and fellowship together.

We remain extremely grateful for the support that our church family has continued to provide to our nuts and bolts, as well as the building renovation. We prayerfully ask you to continue your support.


Terri Townsend

Treasurer, Columbine United Church