Happy Spring everyone! Green flowers are the Finance Committee’s favorite flower! I’m sure it has something to do with our gratitude for the money you so generously give to the church!

Last month we looked at the Utilities the church must pay, and this month we turn to our most important expense and the largest… Salaries.

Our church has a very efficient, small staff. The reality is we are one person deep in most all our departments. In other words, we have one employee in Music and one employee in Admin, Communications & Marketing. One employee in Building, Maintenance & Technology and one Senior Pastor. One Associate Pastor, one Minister of Children & Youth, one Children & Youth staff member working under 5 hours a week, and a small rotating crew of Nursery Attendants. Finance is run entirely on Volunteers. These are the people that provide all the services, care, and programs for you and your loved ones. They are the heart and soul of our church and center of our church community, along with each one of you.

Our annual cost to maintain this small core group of vital people is: $505,302. This represents 70% of our total operating expenditures. Of course, salaries and all associated benefits are almost always the largest portion of any business budget, but in our case, this money maintains our valuable staff!

More to come! Happy Spring and Happy Easter!


Terri Townsend