The building is moving forward with great speed. I am so thankful to the committee and congregation for your unwavering support. WOW… it’s not been easy to do this in the midst of a global pandemic – but we have taken one step forward at a time. The best part will be that when the building is ready for us – we will be ready for it! Here’s a few updates. 

  • All of our kitchen appliances are ordered and have delivery dates for early July. (budget $25,000 for 2 kitchens and staff refrigerator, we came in at $24,500 total)
  • Elevator installation is moving forward and will take several weeks! 
  • The site permit (which has taken… forever!! Due to a water-line easement issue) is expected to be approved any day. 
  • Re-roofing is done. Cooling coil system is being finished. 
  • Siding is going up and under roof faucets are being re-done (some were drywall). (I’m sure Jack would have a better way to say that…but you get the gist) 
  • Doors for the front office and Beil Hall West glass doors are installed – and they look beautiful. 
  • In the coming weeks we are finalizing details of what our new signage will look like facing Platte Canyon. 
  • The design team will be finalizing accent color placement before the paint goes up. Paint will be done. 
  • We are moving the chairs we bought from the Sheridan church and other musical items this Friday and ending our lease with the UCC so that will save some of our monthly off-site costs. 

Phase 2- We are finalizing deck design specifications and will have images for the congregation to look at. The landscape design team will continue to work with the site permit guidelines to landscape accordingly. 

Questions? Let us know… we’re so happy to answer any questions.