Rev. Jill

Jill’s United | Dec. ’21

By December 29, 2021No Comments

How are you doing here at the end of 2021? As I look back at the year, there are so many highs and lows. Freedom to travel, gather, and worship back at CUC has been such a gift. I celebrate how we found creative ways to meet outdoors, on Zoom, and in smaller groups. AND we figured out how to do all things online. The difficult parts of 2021 for me were the continued suffering due to COVID, intense stress on the helping professions (teachers, therapists, and everyone in the medical fields), and ongoing uncertainty. As I write this, I feel uncertainty the most. I am supposed to go on a clergy trip to Israel leaving Jan 31st. It’s not postponed but I can’t imagine it will run. I’m not packing my bags, yet.

The new normal is uncertainty. As I look at my 2022 resolutions I am learning to hope, dream, and focus despite all that is unknown, and may change. As I look around and learn from those near me, I find myself connecting with others who are steering what I would call a “middle course” through this time. Middle, meaning not extreme on one side or the other, just thoughtful, steady, and doing their best. One aspect of this is choosing a few _______ to be a part of. Maybe that’s a sports team, gym, poker club, or book group. We all need places to connect. Yes, those places and people may share life and germs, but to me, it’s worth it. 

What places, things people will you choose in 2022? I encourage you to think about your faith community and what or who it would be meaningful to connect with. CUC is a faith community centered around the idea that everyone has their own journey. There is no one program for everyone, but we do believe the church is the people, and you will only find it as significant as you are engaged with others. You have lots of choices to make (thus the exhaustion we all feel). I invite you to make space for a community of faith. I believe together, life is so much better.