Rev. Jill

Jill’s United | May 2021

By May 26, 2021No Comments

Today felt like summer has arrived. The blue sky was radiant without a cloud and everything seemed to smell fresh and alive. I find myself ready to rebuild, regrow, reinvest in all the things I love. (Yes there are yin, yang days where I still feel COVID tired or apathetic and wonder if I will ever enjoy a concert again… but) yes, with the gift of vaccines I feel hope, freedom and new energy. So… for what? Mainly… more community. 

My weekly Thursday morning small group is one of the highlights of my week. We discuss the short chapters of We Make the Road By Walking and share life. Our discussions are filled with personal stories, deep questions, frank observations and laughter. This group in so many ways is a life group, a journey group, and a home base. Now after 40!!!! Weeks together (that’s a pretty Biblical number BTW) we have walked ¾ of the way through the Bible and covered about every major faith theme I can think of. Each of our five groups share similar stories of growth, learning, reflection and new friendships. As with so many things in this journey of life, it is a mystery to me how a small group of people gathered around a topic can form deep and lasting bond- but we do and we have and “we” want to continue to invite others into these groups and discussions because we have come to realize that life is so much better together. 

If you want to join a group discussion this summer- let me know! We have moms groups, dads groups, and small groups online and in-person almost every day of the week.