Do you remember when you had a toddler in your life, they would follow you around the house asking “why? why? why?” Even though my kids are older, I still get a lot of “whys?” (It is now more of “why can’t I watch TV) For toddlers, the practice of asking “why?” Is part of their journey of wonder, curiosity, and discovery. I wonder when in our lives do, we stop asking why? This advent at CUC, we invite you to engage in the spiritual journey of advent through asking “WHY?” as we reflect together on the narratives and personalities of advent. Let’s practice asking WHY together, I trust that it will open new doors to depth to wonder as we look at the same old story in new ways. 

This year our theme is: I Wonder Why? Here’s an outline of our Topics. 

Nov 28th Advent 1 (Mark 13:24-37): “About that day or hour no one knows.” Why? Especially during uncertainty in our lives and our world, we prefer knowledge over mystery. Why must God be mysterious?

Dec 5th Advent 2 (Mark 1:1-8): “Prepare the way of the Lord.” Why? God is almighty, yes? God has the vision for God’s work, yes? Why does God need us to do part (or any) of the work?

Dec 12th Advent 3 (Luke 1:46b-66): “God has looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant.” Why? Why does God favor the lowliest? Why does God promise to bring down the powerful and send the rich away empty? Why doesn’t God favor people in the same way that the world does?

Dec 19th Advent 4 (Luke 1:26-38): “Here I am, the servant of the Lord.” Why? Why Mary? Why you? Why me? Are we so individually special that God makes use of us? Does God just say, “You’re in the right place at the right time for what I need”?

Christmas Eve (Luke 2:1-20): “And she gave birth to her firstborn son.” The nativity story is just one big Why? isn’t it? Why this way? Why did God become flesh? Why were the shepherds the ones to receive the first birth announcement? Why the stable and the manger — did it really have to be this way, or could the Christ have entered the world another way?