2020…the last stretch. Thanksgiving…into Advent.

I want to reach out through the screen, give you a hug, and wish you and yours a warm Thanksgiving. This year we all feel the acute loss in our own ways as we are alone or may feel lonely. This past week we have heard from several Columbine families who have Covid and who have family members who are sick. In our neighborhood it feels like every other family is under quarantine from either school or sports exposures. I imagine this is a difficult season for us all, in different ways. For teachers, we hold you in our thoughts and prayers as you navigate a minefield of adaptations, challenges and student needs. We pray for hope and perseverance for you. For all you serving others in the healthcare field, we see your tenacity, creativity and dedication to care for others. We pray for your health and for safe spaces to rest and be restored. Parents, moms, dads, grandparents and care-givers, you have a full plate…and no break in this season. For you we pray for moments of space and for grace for yourself in this stretching time. For those of you who live alone and feel isolated, we care for you, we see you, you are not forgotten. We pray you would feel surrounded by God’s love in this time. I send prayers up and out for you, I also hold you in my heart as the people for which I am grateful for at this Thanksgiving time.

Look for the Light – Advent Devotional Coming This Week!

I imagine we all feel like we need a light at the end of this dark 2020 tunnel. Advent is a season of preparing to receive God’s gift of life, light and a new beginning. This season culminates on Christmas Eve with the dawning of a new light, a new day. The invitation in this season is to wake up, to see the light and to come alive. Jesus is, after all, the one who radiates Aliveness . In Advent we, individually and as a community, seek a new light of aliveness. It is the reminder of God’s love that invites us up to rethink everything- to go back and become like children again. In this season, we can rediscover the world with a fresh, childlike wonder, seeing the world in a new light, the Light of Christ.

Maybe you’re like me in that you need this invitation, to this message of hope. An invitation to experience the journey as we walk toward the light. Christmas is a process more than an event. Let this journey to a new day, a new creation, a new you and a new me, begin again. We know how you will take time to enjoy these reflections from those walking with you in our CUC community. Let there be light.

For the Light Shines in the Darkness,

Pastor Jill

Join the Discussion-

Small Groups based around the book, We Make the Road by Walking will group in January. There will be online and in person options (most of the in-person ones are zoom some of the time due to weather) Would you like to lead one? Or Join one? Think about it as you think of your 2021 plans. More details to come, if you need a book, we have more for you!

Building Updates

oh….Praise the Lord! Yes, we finally have building permits. Here are a few great pictures of the lovely pop-corn ceiling being scraped. No one will miss that. Demo has been an amazing process already. They will finish up demolition this week and turn the corner to start re-creating electrical, H-vac etc.

The steering team continues to meet almost weekly and Jack Dunn is in daily conversation with the construction supervisor. We have been very impressed with the construction supervisors communication, thoughtfulness and cleanliness. All good news for now. Thank you for your support.