Who doesn’t love the BeeGee’s song “Stayin Alive”?

While we all need a little Disco pick me up every once in a while, this also may be the theme song of 2020. Our surge capacity is long since gone and life is not back to normal or predictable in any way. Tara Haelle says, “Our new normal is always feeling a little off balance, like trying to stand in a dinghy on rough seas, and not knowing when the storm will pass.” (See her article on Surge capacity)

When our surge capacity is gone, what’s next?

This past month I have been reading the Book of Exodus (along with our CUC book) which tracks the journey of the people of Israel through the desert wilderness for 40 years. Talk about losing surge capacity!! I’m sure they were thrilled to be free from slavery in Egypt but once the reality of desert life set in, they were often found tired, complaining, and desperately lacking hope. I am reminded in their story of God’s faithfulness and provision even in times when we feel like we are wandering in an unknown and uncomfortable wilderness. Life can be reduced simply to… Staying Alive. However, McLaren reminds us all that we are actually learning something new in this difficult place- something that will serve us well in the future.

“The Wilderness journey is always difficult and seems to last forever. But the truth is, if we arrive before we learn the lessons of the Wilderness, we won’t be able to enjoy the freedom that awaits us in the promised land behind it. There is wisdom we will need in the future that we can only gain today. There is strength and skill we will need in the future that we can only develop here and now, on the wilderness road. There is moral muscle we will need then that we can exercise and strengthen only through our struggles on this road, here and now. There is a depth of connection with God that will be there when we need it in the future – if we learn to trust and follow God now, on the long, wild road to Freedom.” We Make the Road by Walking Ch 10, p 44

Friends, it may feel like you are in this little dinghy, waiting for the storm to pass. In this midst of it, I pray you feel God’s presence of peace and provision. May you be reminded of your CUC community who supports and cares for you, and let us press on knowing that on the other side of this wilderness we will realize just how much we have grown through adversity.