Rev. Jill

Invitation to Leadership at CUC

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Do you wonder who becomes leaders at the church and how? Would you be open to serving in leadership or joining a ministry committee? I write this note to invite you to consider sharing your time, talent and unique you-ness with CUC. 

Each year in January we gather a team called the Nominating Committee who is elected by you, the congregation, and they compile a list (and ask for nominations) for potential people to serve on committees and in leadership roles. 

Anyone is welcome to join and serve on a committee while chairs of committees, council members, and our SPRC/ HR committee members are voted on by the congregation at our annual meeting in May. Here is a list of our current committees and their focus. 

Executive Committees:

Council – Church leadership through governance, discernment, and direction (Meets 4th Monday of the month, evenings)

Finance – financial oversight, management, and annual budget formation. The Treasurer attends finance and is on Council. (Meets 2nd Monday of the month evenings)

Staff and Parish Relations (HR)– all elected members due to the confidential nature. Support staff, hiring processes and encourage staff growth.  The Chair is a member of the Council. (Meets as needed.)

Ministry and Mission Committee – All the Chairs of Ministry Committees come together to connect on our common activities and ministry focus. The Chair sits on Council. (Meets 3rd Mondays of the month in the evening) 

Ministry Committees:

Adult Education: Provide for educational and formational programs and classes. (meets Tuesday afternoons monthly) 

Congregational Care: Care for others, write cards, seasonal gifts for shut-ins and track care concerns for the weekly Joys and Concerns list. (meets Monday’s @ 1 every other week) 

Generosity: Encourage a generous and joyful culture at CUC through celebrating giving. Meets Tuesday PM once a month)

Missions: Support and connect with the many mission partners (local and global), encourage the church in supporting our local community, and allocate CUC’s missions funds. 

Next Generation: Support Youth and Children’s staff in program direction, special events planning, and help foster a vibrant ministry to children, youth and families.   (meets 3rd Monday of the month, evening) 

Party Team: Plan and implement church-wide community events usually with good food, activities and entertainment. (Meets as needed, always has fun)

Worship: Helps with keeping worship details in order, such as candles and communion supplies. Works with pastors to plan for special seasonal worship services and decorations. (meets as needed) 

This summary is  Jill’s broad snap-shot of the different committees. The current leaders have a wealth of knowledge to share about what they do. And… We can always have a new committee if you want to start one. These committees are a great way to share your gifts and perspective and to get involved in the life of the church.  Please fill out the Nominations for form or email Jill who will pass your ideas and questions onto the committee. The Nominating Committee members are: 

Janet McIllece, Lynn Swanson, Mary Lynne Keopke, Jim Sexton, Stephanie Townsend and Jill is the staff rep. 

We invite you to consider nominating yourself or others who would be a good fit for the following leadership roles. All leadership positions are for a 3-year commitment. Active membership is required for those on Council and SPRC. Submit nominations by Feb 15th.

Vacancies for the class of 2025 (start May 2022)

Leadership roles on The CUC Council. 

  • President-Elect  
  • Chair of Staff and Parish Relations (Serves on Council)
  • Chair of Ministry and Missions (Serves on Council)
  • Clerk of Council (Secretary for council/congregational meetings and maintains church records) 
  • Chair of Care Committee
  • Chair of Adult Education
  • Chair of Missions

We would welcome new members to all of our committees 

  • Adult Education
  • Congregational Care
  • Generosity
  • Missions
  • Next Generation 
  • Nominating 
  • Party
  • Worship 

If you are recommending another person, ask them if they would be willing to be nominated