Congregational Care

“Be compassionate as God is compassionate”

No verse in scripture is as clear as this passage from Luke 3:36 in telling us what Jesus expects of us. Here at Columbine United Church we are responding to this invitation with a rich array of ministries that form a caring infrastructure for our congregation. The CUC Congregational Care team provides care, concern, prayer and support for families and individuals at all stages of life, with a focus on the ongoing spiritual, physical, emotional and relational needs of the congregation.

Joys & Concerns

Share Your Joys & Concerns

This ministry provides the prayer Joys & Concerns in the bulletin each week. Names and addresses are provided so that the congregation can send cards or notes to individuals, if they choose. If you have a joy or concern and you want to share it with the congregation or add it to our prayer list complete the form below.

Volunteer Opportunities

Funerals & Memorial Services: Hands that Serve from Hearts that Care

Just helping out a couple of hours every now and then can help grieving families more than you would initially think. Our team helps prepare the church, as may be needed, for the funeral or memorial service, then sets up the dining area with tablecloths and flowers, serves a wonderful buffet for the family and friends, and then cleans up. This relieves the family of a stressful task and is greatly appreciated.

Prayer Chain

We believe in the power of prayer. The Prayer Chain at CUC sends out prayer requests via email to over 50 members and friends of CUC, asking them to simply remember people in their prayers. Prayer requests come from people calling the church office, or from the Congregational Care Team who forward people’s names.

Prayer Shawls

The shawls made by the hands of our Prayer Shawl team become comfort, love and hope in the hands of those who receive them. Knitters and crocheters of all abilities work wonders. They have made and delivered over 200 prayer shawls since the ministry began in 2007. This group meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at the church.

Women's Care Groups

We have seven active care groups of 10-20 women each who meet monthly, at different times and places, and are friendship groups that meet socially, some with service projects, others to have lunch together … but all support each other.

Building and Grounds

Our Facilities team works hard to maintain a comfortable, safe and pleasant environment for worship and fellowship. There are always volunteer opportunities to assist our team inside and out. From simple clean up chores to detailed outdoor gardening work our team can always use a helping hand in maintaining our campus. 

Interested in any of the volunteer opportunities? Please complete the form below or call the church at 303-798-1845.