Ready, Set, School! is an IFCS enrichment program that provides kindergarten through 8th grade school children each with a new backpack, grade-appropriate school supplies, and a food box of nutritious items to start the 2021-22 academic year off strong. We are in need of Student Sponsors 

Join our CUC team “It’s Time to Dream Again” to sponsor a student.  We have committed to 20 students.  Help us reach this goal and make the children happy.

Be a Student Sponsor

Student Sponsors select from a list of needed supplies and provide the funding needed to provide these items for participating students. In previous years, these items were donated by sponsors; however, due to the ongoing pandemic, we are providing a virtual shopping experience that allows us to collect and distribute supplies with minimal contact. Visit our Roonga site to sponsor a student now:

Mission Committee, Columbine United Church

Questions?  Contact Sarah at IFCS, 303-789-0501 x103 or Mim `through CUC @303-985-1649 or