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CUC’s New Choral Structure and the Story of a New Choral Recruit

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from Joseph Noelliste

We’re finally here!

Back. In. The. Building!

(for some fun, sing the two lines above to the tune of

Soul II Soul’s 1989 R&B hit, “Back to life”…”Back to Reality” lol)

Just as our building continues to undergo major renovations, so too is our music ministry continuing to experience several exciting changes.

One of these changes is the structure of our choral ministry. Instead of just one choral ensemble, we now have four different choral groups – one which sings at the 10:30AM contemporary service, and three that sing at the 8:30AM traditional service. Each choir sings once per month and is geared towards a certain musical style and repertoire. Below, the name and singing schedule of each choir is given.

Chamber Choir on 1st Sunday traditional service

Motet Choir on 2nd Sunday at traditional service

Worship Choir on 2nd Sunday at contemporary service

Chancel Choir on 3rd Sunday at traditional service

One of the primary goals of this choral structure revamp is to appeal to singers of differing commitment levels and availabilities. For those who would like to sing as many as three times per month, our new choral structure makes that possible. Yet, those who can only sing one time per month, our new choral structure makes it possible for them to participate as well. This structural flexibility has the potential to appeal to many more singers.

One such singer is Daniel Schwartz, a college freshman at Metropolitan State University of Denver who is majoring in musical theatre performance. In this, his first semester, he has already been awarded with two leading roles – a wonderful achievement! Daniel sings bass in our motet choir (if you were at the Clement Park service on October 10, you heard Daniel and the motet choir conclude that worship service with a wonderful, rousing choral setting of “Alleluia” by composer Bryan Sharpe). As a busy college student who is performing in many of his university’s musical theatre productions, Daniel cannot commit to singing at CUC three times per month, however, he can sing with us once a month. I consider it a marked improvement that our new choral structure has the flexibility to allow Daniel to participate at his current level of availability. 

Below, Daniel shares in his own words what his involvement with CUC’s music ministry means to him.

“I am super excited to be a part of the motet choir. Ever since close to the fourth grade, I’ve had a love for music and singing, especially choral music. My love for it was reinvigorated during middle school when I wanted to begin pursuing theatre. Singing was a way to improve my voice and further build my talent. Once I got into high school, choir became an even bigger part of my life. My teacher there just gave me such a strong passion for singing and made choir fun again. I got to sing Eric Whitacre’s epic choral masterpiece, “When David Heard,” and it was so much fun!

In terms of my connection to the CUC, my grandma has been a member since way before I was even born. My mom used to sing in the older bigger choir and was even married at CUC. So, the building has been in my life forever.

I grew up going to Christmas and Easter services with my mom and nana, and why I wanted to join motet choir was because of the work I heard Joseph do for both last year’s Christmas service at Chatfield Farms and at this year’s Easter service at Clement Park. The music at these two services renewed my passion for choir, and I’m so excited to be here!”