Here is a picture of the wiring Tag and Mike removed on Sat. the 13th. is pretty great. All of this had to go to make way for new stuff in our Audio Video.

What’s next? Dry Wall.
They are going to finish the second layer of drywall in all of the egress areas (hallways) to meet fire codes since the first layer passed inspection.

Biel Hall
The most exciting is they will begin work on the west wall of Biel Hall. They have already removed all of the drywall and can now see all of the structural parts of the wall so they can remove windows and doors (which will be redesigned) and add the garage door structural parts. Tarps will be covering the openings.

We hope to get our permit soon to begin work on the kitchen but are awaiting Arapahoe County.

They are continuing to work on the elevator shaft which will take another 2 weeks as they are running grout down inside the cinder blocks (fill in the large center holes). They will be pouring some concrete in various places where they had to change plumbing lines in the office area and basement. They will continue miscellaneous framing and drywall in the office area and lower bathrooms.

A pressure test found 27 leaks in pipes so those are being fixed.

We discussed updates, progress, challenges, and financial specifics of the project in our Congregational Conversation on Feb 7th you can view the meeting on our CUC YouTube channel.

Phase 1 will be completed early summer. We have moved some of the priority items to a Phase 2 which is not yet funded.

Phase 2 will include a new larger deck, landscaping, new sign design at the front boiler house and video camera security system.

Thank you for your investment in this project and in the future of Columbine. This is a huge undertaking, and we are so proud of what we can accomplish together.