Thank you to Jack Dunn for opening the building for tours last week.

It was so great to see all of you who walked through! 

Here’s what’s on the construction docket for the next few weeks:

  • Floors are in the office/parlor/fireside end of the building- it looks great. (LVT and carpet)
  • Appliance delivery date July 12th for basement kitchen and the upstairs kitchen appliances will be delivered the following week. 
  • Exterior Paint software will create two versions of color templates. Keith will do a mark-up this week and finalize the outdoor colors. July 12th exterior painting will start. 
  • You may have seen lines on the sanctuary east walls if you were in this past week. Keith has these as relief lines to break up the wall visually. Sanctuary round step-down stage framing is in and looks great. Drywall is finished which closes off the former windows to the sides of the cross- it looks really nice too.
  • Bathrooms floors and walls tile has been installed. 
  • Steeple stand siding will arrive July 5th week and they will replace and rebuild the rotted wood at the base of the steeple. 
  • Elevator install started July 1. 12 people or so on the install team which will take about 3 weeks to finish! 
  • Boiler in the outbuilding (because it had a major leak) will be installed the week of July 5th.
  • Look for a mailing at the end of July to give more in-depth updates and move in details. 

Something else to celebrate- YOUR COMMITMENT

Big Picture in the Numbers- 

$1,826,000 pledged commitments from 185 units (individual, couple, families)

$1,490,000 given to date!!! 

103 have paid their pledge in full and out of that group they have given an additional $55,000 over their pledged amounts.

Thank you for your commitment to this project and patience with the journey. We are all counting the days till we’re back at our CUC Home.