As August draws to a close it feels as if we are saying goodbye to summer and hello to the fall. My kids- and “our kids” at CUC are back in school and the initial response seems to be that kids have never been happier to get to be IN class. School provides some of the normalcy and routines we all crave. 

I find myself too ready to settle back into routines, but I realize the world, and my world is not that same as it was pre-COVID. This COVID season has been in many ways a re-shuffling of the deck. One blogger made a cross diagram of things they will and will not do again after this COVID season. Here’s a pic of it. 

So, before I (you, we) dive back into all the same stuff, I want to take stock of what I want to invest in and what I want to let go of. For example, during COVID quarantines, I prioritized a few healthy habits that I want to keep up with. 

As Steve and I started to plan for the fall sermon series we thought about what it will look like to get back in the game after this great COVID halftime. Questions like, “Where are we personally?” “How have we changed or grown?” and “Where are we as Columbine?” This has been a hard season to be distanced. Finally, “How are we called to keep loving our neighbors and community?“

These questions will shape our fall Sunday sermon series. Sort of a “Me, CUC and the Community” series where we will pause to take stock of each of these areas. Our hope is that through these questions we can continue to live and learn together with great depth and intentionality.