Thanksgiving…year round

A family in my neighborhood posted that they would like to give their stimulus check funds with a family in need. They expressed their own thankfulness for being employed and wanted to give to others. This inspired others to make the same offer. I am struck but the “snow-ball effect” of generosity. Maybe it’s something small and simple that inspires others to join and then the snowball gets rolling and picks up size and force.

Generosity is an outpouring of thanks or gratitude. A grateful heart is expressed in generosity. This may be generous words of kindness, generous giving of time, acts of serving others and giving gifts (I think of all the little gifts kids have given me over the years which are so precious). For many, this past year has felt hard and heavy in many ways. I wonder if fear, isolation or exhaustion has worn away at your feelings of thankfulness? I think it has in my own life as somedays I feel limited by the “can nots” or stress of covid. I realize, now, more than ever, that choosing gratitude is a spiritual discipline, a practice…a chosen outlook. What helps you foster a sense of gratitude?

Columbine…How do we continue to be a thankful and generous community? I am thankful that through your generosity we’re able to send an extra $500 in year-end gifts to Second Wind Fund, Family Promise and Jeffco Serving Kids ($1,500 total). Mission Team also just sent an additional $1,000 in funds to support Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and El Porvenir for Guatemala Hurricane Relief Hurricane relief. In January you all collected socks for homeless, craft supplies for kids in our community, picked up trash around your neighborhoods and volunteered at Clement Park. This is just peek at a few of the ways you give back.

Let us continue together to choose gratitude and to live generously.

With a glad heart, Jill