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Jill’s United | June 2021

By June 30, 2021No Comments

This is the final stretch! Of what? Well… of several things. First, it is the final stretch of our series on the book We Make the Road by Walking. Chapter 52 will conclude on August 15th. This means that we have preached through, discussed, and studied the entire (Genesis to Revelation) Bible this past year! WOW and woo hoo. Second, we are in the final stretch of the building renovation. More details in the Renovation Update below. This is truly a great accomplishment of vision, commitment, and generosity in support of CUC today and for the future. I was hired in the middle of this renovation journey, and I have been so humbled to get to be a part of this huge undertaking. Every inch of this building has been touched, the infrastructure updates of electrical, lighting, plumbing and HVAC will serve us well for decades to come and the new space in the basement with an elevator of accessibility is incredible. A generous person stopped me and said this week, “Jill, remember, it is not going to be perfect, but is going to be great.” So true. Perfection = impossible- But 21st century, clean, updated, energy efficient, functional, and accessible… is GREAT. And YES, we are in the final stretch as we make plans to take back into CUC as our home base in August.