Mission Committee Update

By February 23, 2021No Comments

Despite all the limitations of COVID, the Mission Committee continues to meet monthly by Zoom. Not only do we feel that it is important to update everyone on our missions that we interface with, but we feel that it is important to communicate and support the members of the committee. Most but not everyone of the committee has a mission that they interface with either directly or indirectly. During this time, the committee feels that it is most important to support the missions that provide food, housing, water, mental support, and other essential services both locally and globally.

Would you like to be a member of the committee or obtain more information? We are always looking for others to join us. If you want to be an “at-large” member and attend the monthly Zoom call, we would love to have you. If you would like to be more actively involved with a mission or a discuss a mission that you support, we would be glad to add you to the agenda in a future meeting. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are immense.

I work with the Second Wind Fund that provides mental support to teenagers that are identified as potential suicide threats. For every $1000 that the organization raises that gift can provide counseling to refocus that teenage back into society. Think of that! For $1000 a family, friends, student colleagues, and society in general doesn’t have to go through the pain and suffering of the loss of a teenager to suicide. That is the type of results that the Mission Committee provides. Please contact me if you have questions, or comments.

IFCS – Nibbles & Sips – February 27, @ 6:00 pm, check the link below 👇

-Greg Schriefer ( (303) 704 – 6582