(Lovely Ashes courtesy of Samantha and Jill)

Hi Everyone! I am excited and grateful to be working with you all. Those of you whom I have already met have been so kind and welcoming. I look forward to meeting the rest of you in the coming months, over Zoom, at the Easter service, and maybe in person one day! I love your community’s dedication to inclusion and acceptance. You have already been a real blessing to me and my family. 

I’ll share a little about myself. I moved to Denver in July 2018 with my husband, Tyler. We had been living in Ohio for school. We moved out here for the mountains and the sunshine. I worked for the past two years as an administrative assistant for a home care agency (Assisting Hands Home Care). It is a company run by my in-laws, whom I love, so if you are ever looking for home care! Haha. I am excited about this new job and the technology aspect of it. I have a lot of aspirations that I hope to accomplish in the coming years here. My husband is a computer programmer at Lockheed and is working on the Orion mission.  He’s working from home too, which has proven convenient for all of my computer endeavors. We live with two roommates, their cats, and our cats. It has been a nice little family unit for the pandemic.

I look forward to the building renovations and to doing Lent with you all. I am overjoyed at the amount of you who are already getting the COVID vaccine! I appreciate how dedicated to safety Columbine is. I hope that the vaccinations become more and more available, so that I can work with and meet you all in person soon. In the meantime, my “home office” hours are Monday through Thursday 9-4. You can reach me at (937) 286-3783 and natalie@columbineunitedchurch.org. I will also be monitoring the emails sent to cuc@columbineunitedchurch.org so you can reach me there too 🙂