NewsRev. Steve

Steve’s United | July 2021

Somewhere in the Gospels Jesus said, “Mellow out.”

I’ve searched, I can’t find it, but I know the Apostle Paul said, “Be flexible.”

It’s in the book of Revelation somewhere, I can’t find the chapter and verse, but I’m sure it says, “Jesus is coming, do some yoga.”

If these sayings aren’t in the Bible, then they should be because if there’s ever been a time the people of Columbine United Church needed to bend and not break, to forge ahead and adapt, to jive and dance, the time is now.

We just got the news that our building won’t be ready for at least another month. I’ve given up predicting when the building will be ready. I’ve accepted it’s construction, construction is like birthing and elephant, it happens on its own time frame. You can’t worry and push a baby elephant into the world, only God and Momma know the day and time.

So, we continue to be flexible.

It’s the lesson that we’ve had to learn and relearn over the past year and a half. The pandemic taught us we’re not in control, we must relax, follow the guidelines, stick together, and go forward watching out for each other.

At Columbine we’ve had to adapt to the situations we found ourselves in. The pandemic and renovation taught us the only thing holding us back is our own creativity. We worshiped online, on Zoom, at the Audubon Center, the Chatfield Arboretum, Clement Park, the church parking lot, Denver South Seventh-day Adventist and now back at the Audubon Center. We’re a holy roller road show. We can pop up a tent and put on a worship service wherever there’s time, space, and some extra change to spend on the venue.

I will miss being flexible when we get back into our building. We can go back to being our rigid selves . . .


Actually, we will need to be even more flexible when we’re in the building. New things won’t work properly, certain aspects won’t meet our expectations, we will think the paint colors suck, and I will place twenty bucks on the table right now someone gets stuck in the elevator the first month and we have to call the fire department.

Be the tadpole that sprouts some legs, grows some lungs, and slimes its way out on the bank as a frog.  If a frog can adapt, then surely, we can also.

Jesus went from a human to the tomb to being a divine being. Maybe the same thing will happen to us. We were humans, we’ve been through the pandemic and renovation, when we return sometime in the future, we’ll look at each other and marvel at our new halos.

So, pull out your Yoga mat and join me . . . breath in, breath out, twist your spine, do a few sun salutations, and say with me, “Namaste.”