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Steve’s United | June 2021

Do you remember as a kid spending long summer days and evenings playing Hide and Go Seek? I loved the game. The one chosen as “it” would close their eyes and count to sixty while the rest of the gang would go and hide themselves. When “it” opened their eyes, they would go searching for the hiders. The hiders in turn would try to sneak out and dash to home base. They scored unless “it” tagged them.

At a certain point in the game when “it” tired of looking for people He or she stood at home base and yelled, “Olly Olly Oxen Free Free Free!” Then everyone would come out of hiding and score a point.

Well, this summer we’re playing hide and go seek.

I’m “it” and I’m looking for you!

You all have been hiding this past year due to the pandemic and some of you are still hunkered down. Get ready I’m looking to come get you! I’m going to search in your back yards, under your hedges, down in your basement behind the bookcase until I find you!

I’m also standing on home base and calling out, Olly Olly Oxen Free Free Free! It’s time to come out of hiding and come to home base!

I performed the wedding for Anne Nicolas and Mike Fioretto last weekend. Anne has attended the 8:00 service for years. At the wedding other people from the 8:00 service attended. Many of these people I hadn’t seen in over a year and a half. It was a grand reunion! There were hugs and slaps on the back all around. They had come to home base.

I want to invite you to get ready to come to home base. This summer we have all types of activities for you to participate in to come out and play. This past weekend we had a picnic where many people came to have a hot dog and meet up with people. We’re going to have a picnic at Staunton State Park on Sunday July 18th. On Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm, at the Audubon Center at the entrance to Waterton Canyon we’re going to hold yoga classes. All are invited, especially old and stiff men. Just follow me. I make downward dog look like a broken toothpick but it’s fun nonetheless! Come out of hiding and play!

We’re still worshiping at the Denver South Seventh Day Adventist. There’s plenty of room for you. We’re following all safe practices, masks and social distancing. Come out and play with us!

Our building is almost finished! Hopefully within six weeks or so, the beautiful building will be done, and it will be time to come home and move back in!

It’s summer and it’s time to play! Come out and join the fun! It will be a great reunion to see your face and give you a hug, a bow, an elbow, or even just a bright smile.

Here me say it loud, “Olly Olly Oxen Free Free Free Free!

See you soon!