NewsRev. Steve

Steve’s United | May 2021

“School’s out and surf’s up!”

That’s what we would be shouting as a teenager in San Diego. Yes, we had our summer jobs mowing lawns and sweeping swimming pools, but every free day was spent at the beach. I remember longing to dive into the breakers and swim for hours in the ocean.

I have the same feelings about summer now as an old duffer. I have more plans than I’ll ever be able to get done. Projects, study, vacations, horseback riding, are all waiting to be dived into and enjoyed.

The highlight of the summer is going to be the wedding of my daughter Kelsey. Every weekend between now and the end of July is going to be spent fixing, painting, building, and mowing to get the place ready for a wedding. We’ve planted flowers in large pots overflowing with color. We’re growing the flowers in our sunroom and taking them out daily for the warmth of sun. But heaven help us if it hails between now and July and the flowers get trampled. We’re protecting them like they are our special summer guests.

I think we’re all looking forward to this summer. Last summer was taken over by the pandemic and sheltering in place. Vacations and travel plans were canceled. But now that we have the pandemic on its heels, it’s time to break out and live baby! Live!

This summer is going to a blast for us at Church. We have the goal of moving back into our facility by August first. While I’m planning on the date, I’m also aware of the need to take a breath and be flexible. Construction has its own timeline that only God and the contractor seem to know. But until the day we can move in, we have a lot going on to keep us together.

Life at Denver South Seventh Day Adventist Church is going great. It’s so nice just to be face to face for worship. I know that for several of you it’s too soon to come out of sheltering. I completely understand. When you’re ready we’re here. We’re wearing masks and practicing social distance. There’s plenty of room in the sanctuary to spread out. If need be, we’ll add a second service. There’s plenty of room for you and your family.

We have small groups, picnics in the park, campouts, yoga in the park, a Sunday at Staunton State Park, a day at Pirates Cove, book groups, Vacation Bible School, youth groups, mission trips and children’s activities. Who needs a building when we have so much going on outside?

As a teenager there was so much anticipation standing at the ocean’s edge counting the waves as they came in.  You looked out and couldn’t wait to dive in and party on. That’s what I feel. I can’t wait to dive into summer and have a blast living large.

I want you to come along with me and dive in, the waves are breaking just right. It’s going to be a grand summer.