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Steve’s United | Dec. ’21

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It’s stretched before us like a vast mountain range. There are mountains with glorious views, valleys with rich meadows, and a few dead-end trails for sure. I’m talking about 2022. Here we are on the cusp of the new year. I always love dreaming about the possibilities that lay in store for us.

I’m a goal-oriented person. Throughout my life I’ve set goals that I’ve aspired to fulfill. I also have a bucket list of one hundred things I want to do before I die. So, this year I’ll set some goals and fulfill one or two of the bucket list items.

Here are a few personal goals for 2022.

            Goal – I want to get in as best physical shape as this 63-year-old body can possibly get in.

                      Path – continue by workout routine six days a week. Mix of weightlifting and cardio.

                      Continue flexibility program through yoga two days a week.

           Goal – I’m going to continue to dial in my diet so that I’m eating as healthy as possible.

                      Path – continue to eliminate all sugar. Eat six helpings of fresh vegetables and fruit every day. No bread or gluten.

                      Read two books on healthy diet.

           Goal – Continue development of spirituality.

                      Path – 45 minutes every morning of meditation, prayer, and reading.

                      Continue to study Process Theology reading six textbooks.

                      Continue to study Taoism reading six textbooks.

                      Continue study of Christianity by reading Three textbooks on church history and or biblical criticism.

           Bucket List           – Learn to Draw

                                            Path – work weekly with a drawing instructor

                                       – Get a Tattoo. I’ve always wanted one. A Bear on my shoulder.

                                            Path – Talk Phoebe into it.

There, that should keep me busy.

I also have a few church goals for this coming year. I’ve learned I must limit myself to two things to focus on.

           Goal – integrate a comprehensive spirituality program into the ministry of CUC.

                      Path -Incorporate a Spiritual Director as a part of our ministry team.

                                 Hold quarterly spiritual retreats.

                                Reintroduce Fresh worship services.

           Goal – Continue the process to become a racially integrated congregation.

                      Path – Develop a small committee of people who will explore how to develop this at CUC.

There we go!! Off to 2022!! I’m excited for the year to begin!