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Steve’s United | January ’22

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We need a new BHAG for the church. You know what a BHAG is right? A Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

I love BHAGs. I’m always working on at least one or two BHAGs for my life. My current one is to live to 120. Yes, you got it, what would it take to live to be 120? I know – you think I’m nuts. But I’ve always loved out of the box thinking. I’ve found myself thinking, what would it take right now, to align myself to live a passionate, dynamic, healthy life well past the century mark. This is my current BHAG.

What about us for the church? What’s our BHAG?

This hit me as I was driving home from church this past Sunday. We had our congregational conversation about the new building renovation. I shared at the meeting that six years ago my BHAG for the church was to begin exploring the possibility of a building remodel. I said from the moment we started talking about it to the moment a new key placed in our hands would be five years. It took us six years, the extra year tagged on because of the pandemic. But throughout these past six years my BHAGs have focused on our renovation, keeping us on pace, and working through the different phases of the project.

Now it’s done!

We dedicated the building on Sunday. People are starting to return to worship. Groups are meeting in the building. Committees are working. We’re still working with issues around the pandemic but we’re regaining our footing. As the sign out front says, “We’re back!” 

So, I ask the question, What’s next? What’s are next BHAG?!

A good BHAG should focus on passion, gifts, and calling. What are you passionate about? What are your gifts? What has God called you to do?

Now take those questions and apply them to the church. When you think about the church, what are you passionate about? What do you think are our gifts as a congregation? What do you think God has called us to do?

Here are my brainstorms –

I’m passionate about inclusion, progressive theology, progressive worship, multi-religious/spiritual experience, mission work, children and youth work, and lifelong adult learning.

Our church is gifted in the variety of people that come to the church. We’re gifted in the high level of expertise that our members bring to the table. We’re gifted in our worship. We’re gifted in our small group work. We’re gifted in our ability to bring a progressive voice to the Christian world. We’re gifted in our finances. We’re gifted in our generosity.

What has God called us to do? I believe God has called us to create a community committed to radical inclusion and progressive faith issues to the Christian world. I feel this in my bones. It’s at my core.

So now, given these things . . . how do we create a BHAG, something big, hairy, and audacious that will drive our ministry for the next three years?


  • Do we work to take the next steps in our inclusive vision to become a fully racially inclusive congregation in a multifaceted perspective?
  • Do we work to build bridges with other religious groups to create a rainbow community of people from different faith backgrounds? We could celebrate worship, music, festivals, and community life.
  • Do we explore spirituality creating workshops, retreats, individual mentoring where people can dive deep into their spiritual frontiers?
  • Do we take our mission work to support refugees resettle in the Denver Metro Area?

Do we . . .?

What sparks your imagination? What’s next for CUC? What’s our BHAG?!

Email me, text me, share with me! Let’s do something and go somewhere! If Columbine lives to be 120 (which really is such a limiting vision for a church) it means we’re only halfway there, we need a vision! Let’s go!