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Steve’s United | Nov. 23, ’21

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When I was growing up in the 70’s I’ll never forget the bumper sticker that said, “Question everything.” It spoke to my heart, and I’ve carried it with me throughout my life.

My questioning also got me into some trouble as I got under the skin of those in authority. Whether it was the High School rules, the laws of society, or my college professors, I couldn’t just accept things they way they were. I had to know why I was being asked to conform to certain standards.

In college when I first became a Christian, I had to question everything. When people told me I just had to accept something as being true and allow that to be enough, the more I wanted to dig down and ask, “why?” Why were they so afraid of my questions?

My questioning came to fruition in Seminary where my “Why’s” were welcomed and encouraged. Why Jesus and not Buddha? Why the Bible and not the Koran? Why be a Presbyterian and not a Methodist? Why the New Testament and not the Old? It was through questioning the path to enlightenment was discovered.

I have a lot of questions when it comes to Jesus and his birth. I wonder why Jesus and not someone else? Why choose Mary, a young teen to give birth to the future messiah? Why Bethlehem, why Wisdom seekers, why shepherds, and why angels? At times the whole story seems so far-fetched it begs the question, “Why?”

This Advent we’re going to spend four Sunday’s asking the question “Why?” I believe through questions, doubts, and wonderings, we’ll be led to new insights and ideas which will prepare us for the birth of Christ on Christmas day.

One of my most significant questions I’ve asked was, “Why me?” Why does God love me? Why did God choose me? Why does God want me to be a pastor? Why do I have such different ideas than so many other Christians? The interesting thing is the more I’ve asked and questioned the more peace and inspiration I’ve found. In my refusal to just let things be as they are, the more personal insight I’ve found to guide me in my own life.

What are your “Why’s?” Do you ask “why” about purpose, meaning, suffering? Do you ask “why” Jesus or God? Then I want you to know your questions are welcomed here. At CUC we value you’re “Why’s” and will encourage you to seek and discover your own answers.

Why do I want you to join us in Advent? You’ll have to come the next four Sundays and discover for yourself the path that leads to Christmas.