Every year in March and April, Bluebonnets bloom along Texas highways. Bluebonnets have always been one of my favorite flowers because, even when the weather is bad, they spring up. Many places have areas roped off so as not to disturb the seeds as they grow. Highway vegetation management is even halted so the precious Bluebonnets stay intact. Then, when the season is over, they go in and mow.

Before the Bluebonnets come into bloom, the side of the roads can start looking rough. The grass is high, and the weeds are growing. But those beautiful Texas flowers never fail sprout up! 

Sometimes this is how life feels. I will be working on a project or planning something fun for the kids and it all starts to look messy. It looks a lot worse than when I started. Through faithful perseverance and diligence, whatever it is I’m working on comes to fruition. 

Do you feel this same way? How do you have hope for pushing forward through the messiness? What Bluebonnets are blooming in your life?