This is a running list of CUC’s Children’s Pastor’s favorite Progressive Christian books. Below you will find her top favorites with age recommendations and summaries.

A Church for All by Gayle E. Pitman Illustrated by Laure Fournier

This AMAZING book depicts a Sunday morning at a church where people of all genders, sexualities, economic status, abilities, and dress attend worship together. The message says that all are invited and welcome. That no matter your age or anything else, there is room for you at church. This book captures the goals and mission of CUC so well!

When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner Illustrated by David Catrow

This amazing book will inspire adults as well as children. It keeps the pronouns of God gender-neutral and talks all about how God created “you” uniquely and wonderfully. The author goes on to discuss how the wonderful “you” is included in the rest of the world as a creator and lover of nature. The art by David Catrow is creative and inspiring as well! My favorite line, “You being you is God’s dream come true.” 

Clap Your Hands: A Celebration of Gospel by Toyomi Igus Illustrated by Michele Wood

Clap Your Hands walks you through the evolution of Gospel Music as well as Black history in America. I learned so much in this book and the illustrations are stunning. This book does not shy away from the violence and hardship of Black Americans but incorporates how racial violence impacts the Black church and Gospel music.

The Wonder that is You by Glenys Nellist Illustrated by Aurelie Blanz

This sweet book talks about the connection between parent and child on the day they were introduced. It connects creation with the beauty of a newborn. The art depicts diverse mothers and children and has the most adorable creatures. 

God Gave Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren Illustrated by Laura J. Bryant

This little board book is all about a little polar bear asking mama bear about where they came from. Her response: God gave us you. This simple book takes little bear through pregnancy and birth reaffirming that she came from God!

Little One, God Loves You by Amy Warren Hilliker

This book does use the masculine pronoun for God, but only once. It is a short little board book with adorable rabbit characters that inspire little ones to begin knowing their purpose as created by God!