Everyone has times in life when something significant happens.  We experience the occasional, important, meaningful times when a special event occurs that affects or alters one’s life. CUC is proud to walk through these life events with you, through both celebration and grief.  Contact the church office at cuc@columbinechurch.org for more information regarding any of these life events.



baptismAt CUC, we celebrate baptisms for every age.  Since Baptism is a communal celebration, our denominations require that Baptism be reserved for members of CUC or other Christian churches.  When parents desire to have their child baptized, they meet with one of the pastors to discuss the meaning of Baptism and the significance of it for their life and community. When an adult desires Baptism, they are asked to join a new member class at CUC and will meet with a pastor to discuss the meaning and significance of Baptism in their life.  To schedule a Baptism call the church office, 303-798-1845.

New Member Classes

membership-classCUC schedules two new member classes each year, usually one in the spring and one in the fall.  We coordinate the dates with the pastors.  We maintain a list of prospective new members taken from attendance records and invite interested individuals to attend the scheduled class.  After the class, we coordinate a time to formally join the church.   We distribute the interests of each new member to all the committees at church so that they can be involved in our outreach.  If you are interested in joining CUC as a member, contact the church office at cuc@columbinechurch.org.



It is our hope that we may be of service to you as you prepare for your wedding day.   Our purpose is to help make this day especially memorable.

In addition to a social event your wedding should be a spiritual experience, a reflection of God working through your lives bringing the two of you together.  We place a high priority on premarital counseling so that together with the pastor you may reflect upon this time.  Our event coordinator will be present at all rehearsals and your wedding to ensure that the ceremony and associated tasks run smoothly allowing you to relax and enjoy this special day.  We want to work with you so that by the end of the ceremony all those who have particiapted will feel God’s touch and blessing upon your marriage.

Welcome to this place of worship…welcome to Columbine United Church.

If you are interested in scheduling a tour or to inquire about availability please call 303-798-1845.  When you are ready to place your reservation, please complete our Wedding Reservation Request Form, available on our website or from our Event Coordinator.  A non-refundable $100 deposit is required at this time.  Your deposit will reserve your date in our church calendar, and will be applied toward the associated event fees.

Our sanctuary seats 380 people and also lends itself to smaller weddings.  Moveable chairs and large classic stained glass windows add to the unique atmosphere at CUC.

We ask that you adhere to a few special considerations when planning your wedding at CUC:

  • We require all weddings to use our Event Coordinator and Sound Technician.
  • If you would like to request our pianist or organist for your wedding, please contact our Music Director at least six weeks prior to your wedding.
  • We require all couples to meet with a pastor for a premarital counseling session. You may schedule this appointment by calling the church office.
Our Wedding fees are $1,000 for members of Columbine United Church, and $1,500 for non-members.  Costs include the following:
  • rental of the building and grounds for your rehearsal (1 hour) and ceremony (up to 3 hours),
  • the officiant for your pre-marital counseling session, the rehearsal and the ceremony,
  • music direction for your ceremony and our pianist (a soloist for your ceremony may be added for an additional fee),
  • our sound technician for your ceremony,
  • the organizational services of our Event Coordinator during the planning of your wedding, as well as the day of the event,
  • all custodial services.

Payment of these fees should be made via one check payable to Columbine United Church.  Payment for your wedding must be received, in full, two weeks prior to your wedding date.

Our Biel Reception Hall is available following your ceremony, should you choose to have your reception on the premises.  Your Event Coordinator can recommend an excellent caterer.  Please note that alcohol is not permitted on the church grounds.
Memorial Services

Our Condolences on Your Loss

The death of a loved one is a time to recall the miracle of life, to give thanks for the life of the deceased, and to mourn the loss. The Bible reflects many emotional responses to the reality of death, including anger, denial, guilt, lament, resignation, thanksgiving, and trust.

We are sorry for your recent loss.  Columbine United Church and its ministers are available to assist you and your family in your time of grief. We hope that the information in this document will be helpful as you plan a funeral or memorial service.  The ministers and staff of CUC will assist you to design the kind of ceremony which will be meaningful to you, your family and friends.  To schedule your loved one’s service, please contact the church office and inquire as to the availability of the church on your preferred date.  One of our staff will then put you in touch with a CUC pastor for further details surrounding the service.

Services Provided

Building Usage:  The use of the Sanctuary, Lobby, Fireside Chapel and Biel Reception Hall are available, at no charge, for your service and/or reception.

Officiant:  You may choose an officiant that is on staff at CUC, or you may employ the services of your own officiant.  The pastor will meet with the family to design the service, coordinate with other staff members and prepare and lead the service.

Music Director:  The Director of Music meets with the Pastors, prepares music, coordinates all technical aspects of the service and performs the music for the service.  You may also choose to have a soloist perform at the service for additional fee.  We have many talented professional associates to recommend.  If you have a musician that you would like to bring in for the service, we ask that they coordinate with our Music Director at least 48 hours before the service.

Sound Technician:  The Sound Technician performs the final editing (if necessary) of your memorial video, and manages the sound, technology and recording of your loved one’s service.  If you are providing a DVD to play during your memorial, it must be compatible with any DVD player and available to our technician at least 24 hours before your service.

Event Coordinator: The event coordinator meets with the Pastor, prepares the service bulletin and does all necessary coordination on the day of the service.  They arrange all flowers delivered to the church, help prepare all photograph displays, distribute bulletins and greet your guests as they arrive.

Reception:  Our Biel Reception Hall is available for use at no charge.  Conveniently located immediately adjacent to our sanctuary, this is the perfect place for attendees to greet the family following the service.  We are happy to cater your reception, and only request reimbursement for the cost of food and beverages purchased for your event.  If you would prefer, your friends and family members are welcome to bring in food and beverages for the reception.  Our staff will welcome them and arrange the food in Biel Hall.

Fees:  Our fees are $800 for members of Columbine United Church, and $1000 for non-members.

Payment:  Fees may be paid in one check, payable to Columbine United Church, or we can accept a credit card.  All fees are due at the time that you schedule the service.  Reimbursement for food and beverage expenses for the reception are due at the conclusion of your event, and a receipt will be provided.